Yoga for Your Lower Back | 20 minute Beginners Class for Releasing the Lower Back

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In this video we are doing a super chilled practice. No strain, no challenges for strength, simple a relaxing yoga class to take care of your lower back.

Many people have lower back pain, I am not an exception myself! Yes, I know. It is not only that we have bad posture and we collapse into our spine, ruining it’s health, but tense muscles around the hip area and in the back also pull onto other muscles, ligaments and tendons, causing the sacroiliac joint to be wrongfully aligned.

I know I hold a lot of tension in my hip area when I’m stressed, when I carry way too many weights, when I go through periods in my life when I have too much to do and not enough to rest.

Pains in our body indicates imbalances. Paying attention to pain and listening to your body is step one of healing.

And sometimes instead of forceful stretches we just need passive release exercises to aid the pain. And BREATHING!

You’d be surprised what healing capabilities breathing has. Simple bringing our attention to the area we want to release and guiding the breath there is an excellent way to start the process.

Also allow yourself time! I’m sure the tension built up over time, so undoing that tension also takes time, sometimes even more! It is a process, for sure, but yoga offers you sustainable healing as opposed to a quick fix on the surface.

So enjoy this lower back class, if you wish put some nice music on and relax with it in the evening!

Let me know how it went in the comment section below.

🥰 Thank you for sharing your practice with me today. 🥰

Take very good care of yourself and I shall see you in the next class!



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