48 thoughts on “Why Are Mosquitoes Attracted To You?!

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  6. Attractiveness to mosquitoes changes through life. In the summer of 1968, when I was 17 years old, I went with my parents to Alaska and got bitten through my jeans and flannel shirt, in spite of spraying them with mosquito repellent. In 2006, when I was 55, my wife, who was 43, and I went to Crater Lake, where she spray her clothes with repellent and was was bitten through 2 pairs of tights and a flannel shirt, while I wore walking shorts and t-shirts and hardly bothered with spray, but collected only a few.

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  10. Those mosquitoes might be really hungry, see the way they rush towards you in the Y tube test.

    Thanks for making this video. Helped me conceptualize the real mosquito killer – https://www.iamvai.com/post/the-real-mosquito-killer

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  13. "Why are mosquitoes attracted to you?!"
    Well, my grandma always told me I was handsome, so that might have something to do with it. I guess my grandma knew what she was talking about.

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  19. Geez… mosquitos outdoing us in who has the highest kill amount of humans. Unacceptable! that honor can only go to humans.

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  21. Geez… mosquitos outdoing us in who has the highest kill amount of humans. Unacceptable! that honor can only go to humans.

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  24. 5:38
    Is it just me or is this very wierdly awkward. I mean she isnt doing anything and is just there, i dont know why but i find it too awkward

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  30. Gosh…imagine how much more over populated we would be if it weren't for them pesky mosquitoes. And here I thought war was the great herd thinner

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  43. So do mosquitoes choose genetics for survival overall? Or spacificly choosing so that their species gets stronger amd hence certain genetics?

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  50. That question about if humans evolved to be less attractive to mosquitoes or if it was an accident had me thinking. Isn’t all evolution a mistake that was favorable to the individual? For example, a mutation where a fish lays way more eggs than another fish of the same species. That was a mistake, there was no intentionality behind it, but it was favorable to that individual. More of the offspring of that individual survive and are likely to have inherited that egg mutation and lay a lot more eggs too. That leads to more of these fish with that mutation so that mutation spreads more.

    The same can be said of this attractiveness mutation. It was highly likely to be a mistake (I can’t see how a mutation would be intentional but do explain if I’m missing something) but a highly favorable mutation because you are less likely to contract malaria and die and since you live longer, you have a higher chance of producing offspring who inherit that mutation. So, that’s a long-winded way of saying it’s probably both.

    Idk if this made a lot of sense, I have a degree in molecular and cellular biology with a huge interest in genetics so I love learning about this stuff and explaining it to others.

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  56. OMG – get this to help with any mosquito bite!! It stops the itch instantly – no joke. It's super cheap and WORKS!! www.hamsaheal.com

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  58. I dont know what nature was drinking when it gave mosquitos that nerve wrecking sound. I could forgive them biting me at night, but its their pesky sound that drives me nuts and keep me awake all night till i hunted down that SINGLE sucker.
    Be honest, would you miss them if they go extinct?

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  61. Wonder which lucky genes your kids have, and if there is a way to "save" our children from mosquitos (like a medicine)?

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