What's Up With the Shipper Hate?

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Seriously, guys. I’m not trying to pick a fight, so please don’t go starting flame wars. I just wanted to point something out. That’s all.

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Hearts and Hooves review:
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Sorry about the clips from the video. I would’ve put in better quality, but the YouTube download app decided to be crap. If you know of any YouTube downloading software that’s free, let me know.

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10 thoughts on “What's Up With the Shipper Hate?

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  2. Very interesting points.  It certainly does help to understand the mindset.  However, a big problem with shipping are the contrivances and pacing that are often involved when applied to things like FiMfiction.  It also sort of ruins the innocence of the show and in some cases, cheapens the concept of romance – especially with the surprisingly common polyamorous relationships thinly veiled in FiMfiction as a "herd."
    Then we get to the concept of opposites attract, which really only applies to magnets in reality.  Take the popular fan pairing of Vinyl Scratch and Octavia for example.  If these two could pull off a relationship, it simply wouldn't last long and if it did, it wouldn't be a healthy one for either or both parties.  I'll spare you some gruesome details of similar instances I've seen of this in real life.  Perhaps that's a personal issue with myself.  But these things are what ruins the concept of shipping for me.

    A bit of technical critiquing; try not to record your computer screen if you can.  There are ways to download YouTube videos and insert them into your editing program.  It looks better and is ultimately a lot easier.  I prefer the free YTD program.  But there are others as well.

  3. đăng ký w88

  4. might I suggest a fun shipping/crack shipping game?
    A friend of mine and I were headed to the mountains  which was a long way away so we decided to try to come up with a game to entertain ourselves. I came up with the "crack shipping" game. We each thought of a character from a show or shows and then counted down from three and each said who we picked. It was a lot of fun and we laughed a lot at some of the "ships" we came up with. ^^ We never knew what to expect, we could get a "good" ship or we could get a crack ship. I think you seem like someone who'd enjoy this kind of game so I thought I'd share. ^^

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  6. đăng ký w88

  7. đăng ký w88

  8. đăng ký w88

  9. Cool that you have the same getup as your OC, it's cute. ^^ And I don't ship a lot, sure I can see some characters together and some I can't (Flash X Twi I WILL NEVER SUPPORT mainly due to A, he has zero character, B he was made souly to be a interest for Twi which was done badly, until he gets a character Blueblood X Twi makes more since even tho that'll never ever happen, but we know his character at the very least) but the ones I sorta like I support here and there.

    But I don't 100% ship them, I just like the idea they could work (which again Flash X Twi doesn't, my best friend likes Flash tho but I can't say I do or not as he doesn't have a character at all to like or dislike).

  10. đăng ký w88

  11. I have to stick with my "all fanfics are valid" response.
    Just because you envision a specific pair and someone else pairs one of those characters differently doesn't make your pairing any less valid. When dealing with a body of work and related materials there's no specific need to make all related works part of your view of the universe. Perhaps people should feel more free to simply exclude fringe works. which is to say… " that's an interesting story but i don't feel it fits with my view of the universe." instead of "your wrong and thats just stupid."

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  13. đăng ký w88

  14. squeee
    I so glad you like them! ;w;
    I'm not a shipper myself, but I don't mind it as long as it's not taken to far.
    I like some crack ships (Link and Ghirahim from skyward sword is kinda one for me)
    Shipping is not the issue in this fandom, or as much or an issue as people seem to make it.
    Great video

  15. đăng ký w88

  16. First off I am a shipper, and I do but I am a hopeless romantic means favorite series are pretty much the most romantic series of all time, I know what people say G-GUNDAM is not romantic, what's so romantic about a guys fighting literally shouts every episode take my love my anger my sorrow blank finger. And then proceeds to do the I am a man punch, as emotional awkward moments is literally fighting to rescue his brother from Satan himself(happens to be in this situation is a giant robot) while piloting first a Angel and then literally God, though really in the Japanese version is called God gundam. And at the end love is life is kidnapped in order to power Satan and they kill Satan with the power of love! It's just so lovely romantic!

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