31 thoughts on “What is happening with my pigeons?

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  2. What causes eggs to not be fertile? Cold weather? Diet? Stress? All of above? Just put two 15 day old eggs under phone light and they are clear.. no sign of life.

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  4. Interesting video. Selective pairings can be a challenge. My view is that if you're used to pairing a pigeon of a certain color and pair it with a different color, the bird will not show any interest in the new bird. I've come to the conclusion that some pigeons are picky when choosing/ given a mate. Give the recessive spread cock a new box and time. 🙏

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  9. also whats the pink powder and was that put into a grit container and if so do you make your own grit ,
    if so whats the mix it looked like you had
    charcoal in their,correct?…

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  14. I use vitamin powder with folic acid inside to make pigeon lay egg faster for new couple. Add vitamin to water.

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  16. You must maintain cleanlinest in your loft and good conditioning feeds and vitamins and minerals and amino acids and grits.

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  18. Hey Adam, I also want to commend you on how tame your birds, I can only imagine how much time and dedication you put in to get them that way and it shows 👍

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  20. That blue checker with the splashes of white in the head region that you sent over to Maney Lofts might be a cock or a very aggressive hen, but your right about one thing and that is pigeons are full of surprises.

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  24. Hello! I like your pigeons so much. They are beautiful. Where you from? Hope I can acquire a pigeon to you. I just started liking pigeons because they are smart. My name is Jake from Los Angeles California.

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  31. Whit pigeons cleaning the cages quality food and clean water daily is a must to avoid health problems. always keep the most beautiful and the best of them it’s a beautiful hobby I kept pigeons long time ago 👌👌👌

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  33. 👍 good luck with breeding process, medicate them and maybe seperate the cock and hen out for 3 days then put them back together, that should help excite them a bit.

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  35. Does the nose grow bigger as they age. Also hkw long does it yake to grow so big. Does that effect there race fly.

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  37. Nice chicks you have sent to Mr Maney' loft
    U have got a great frnd there.
    Both of your channels are enjoyable to watch
    Keep it up

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  39. Oh the babies. Im so happy when there are no more babies.😆 On that note, I still have to order rings and fake eggs. My birds are relentless breeders. I am following the more integrated adian approach of flying my birds, even while nesting, especially on fake eggs. No long flights though. Just short training flights. They live to gather twigs and build nests after…ive been loading their lofts with fresh cut lavender and yarrow. They built nests with it. He gives her the flowers. That old image and story of a dove with a branch, makes so much more sense as a pigeon fancier. When they fly that dove off the Ark and it returned with a branch or the dove of peace with a branch…that bird was gathering nesting materials.
    They love that. Its time to fly some young sprinters. Im flying them with my older distance birds as guides.
    I have these crazy gizzle jansen bar cross dinosaur birds that keep changing gender. I see them mount each other all the time. They both act like male and females do. Really confusing. When you said"he has decided he wants to be a cock" seems mechanistically true. They may have a larger ratio of biological transgender occurances. Its a thing. As you know, some come out definitely female or male. I can tell very very early by a number of factors. size, response in nest, feet, beak signs, stance/wt distribution. And im usually right but ive seen funny stuff go down….like cock on cock action😱
    Fathers on their young daughters🙄
    Parents scalping their young. Fathers attacking sons, driving them from the nesting area. I get it. They are wild beasts. Everyone who dosnt feel their powerful talons, thinks they are birds of peace.
    Those are strong birds if they fly regularly and they get intensly territorial.
    Yet, they seem to flow and work it out. Ive had whole family units switch sides of the loft. Ive read they like the same nest site or whatever. ….but when i renivate and upgrade the loft, they switch it up.
    Im surprised how fluid they are. How the rest of the flock knows when a hen is looking for a nest, or a cocks egggs are about to hatch. They get expressive, antsy. My hens will hatch an egg and come out and toss the shell around to show off. Id like to offer cigars or champagne but instead its fake eggs all around.
    Im so happy when breeding season is over. I have a disabled cock and now I have to feed his babies…only another two weeks. Its all he can do to keep up with his racey girlfriend.
    Have a good one!

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  42. So i have kind of dumb question because is the first time in many years i buy a pigeon pair
    I bought a few days ago a pigeon pair
    Yesterday i saw them mating
    This means they will have eggs in 10 days or is a kind of new home s3x?

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  45. That pair that won’t mate, feed them black pepper seeds for 3 straight days. Male 5 seeds daily, female 3 seeds daily. Keep an eye after and look out for any change

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