The human insights missing from big data | Tricia Wang

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Why do so many companies make bad decisions, even with access to unprecedented amounts of data? With stories from Nokia to Netflix to the oracles of ancient Greece, Tricia Wang demystifies big data and identifies its pitfalls, suggesting that we focus instead on “thick data” — precious, unquantifiable insights from actual people — to make the right business decisions and thrive in the unknown.

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36 thoughts on “The human insights missing from big data | Tricia Wang

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  4. Thick Data is quite a necessary thing for any decision in a company, it really lets you know the sentimental part of business

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  10. I have a solution to all of our problems. Stop micro managing humanity, your causing great harm. I hear this, "We cant read all the data. How can we efficiently exploit people?" Just how much soul are you willing to exchange for market viability?

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  13. Companies don't want to miss opportunities. They hiring data scientists and start gathering data. And the next thing they realize is that they are sitting on a huge pile of data that cannot be used to deduct anything even close to business values. Their data scientists are so unchallenged and all wondering why they are hired. The CEOs of these companies should have started by watching this video.

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  19. 冒个泡,英语老师要我们做口语,我选的这个。我觉得这个演讲给了我新的想法,对我挺有启发的。不过上面的评论好像对她的演讲(不是观点)不太满意。。。。

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  24. I'm studing anthropology in a country with almost inexistent funds for social sciences studies and with a very narrow view of how anthopology must be applied, but, watching this video has opened my eyes. My career is not useless or limited as many people had told to me all this years, but it has many possibilities, outside what my university aims to, and that I can do bigger things. Thank you, TED!

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  26. This could've been an amazing talk if the presenter would've spent more time on the nitty gritty as opposed to spending 15 minutes telling a defunct company I told you so. 8/10

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  31. Great talk! I've been saying this for years. Science has a hard time with nuanced data, and scientists tend to assume it either doesn't exist or is not important, when it can be highly important and effect everything.

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  36. Binge-watching, in addition to smartphones, is not necessarily beneficial to humanity; it creates a lazier, more distracted society, engrossed in their screens instead of talking to each other.

    Sure , these things improve the numerical gains of the companies, but at the expense of having a negative effect on society.

    So, in the end, you need to look at the thick goals as well. Not just having numerically big goals of 'we''ll earn this much', but actually having value-, result-driven, ethical practises that produce a better society.

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  38. It's a shame Chinese people wanted to get smartphones so much, because they reduce your IQ and concentration skills.

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  40. never heard of the term (thick data), but thro my master studying have learned few tools that doesn't only rely on statics method but also integrate it with qualified data. must say it is an interesting talk

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  47. Perfect example is Google/YouTube. Is using filters that give people things they've already seen a good idea? Now we have the stupidest net where it's hard to find anything anymore. Then the last few days, YouTube changed background colour to pure white, so now you can't see if a which tab you are currently on. Stupid programmers/system analysts.

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