The D Train Movie Review

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Film critic Nick Duncalf reviews comedy-drama The D Train, starring Jack Black and James Marsden, for #60secondreviews. In charge of arranging his former high school’s 20 year reunion, Dan Landsman travels to LA to persuade the school heartthrob to come home and attend.

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The D Train trailer:

The D Train Cast:

Jack Black … Dan Landsman
James Marsden … Oliver Lawless
Kathryn Hahn … Stacey Landsman
Jeffrey Tambor … Bill Shurmur
Russell Posner … Zach Landsman

The D Train Full Review Transcript:

The D Train is a bit of an odd one, it’s a film that stars Jack Black as an obsessive uptight nerd who was a bit of a loser at high school but now he’s arranging the twenty year high school reunion he sees a handsome ex-classmate of his played by James Marsden in a sun cream advert on telly and persuades himself that if he can just go out to LA, persuade this guy to come to the reunion everybody will think it’s amazing and he will essentially have saved the day he persuades his boss to come along for the ride and he’s played by Jeffrey Tambor
Jeffrey Tambor’s great he’s always got that great comic timing that brilliant hangdog expression he’s one of the assets of the film I always thought James Marsden was good as a comic actor and he’s fine but his character is neurotic and not very likable a shallow actor basically Jack Black plays it well he plays it too large it’s fine if it’s in that Nacho Libre or School of Rock but in this kind of film it needs a little bit more sensitivity and his character is just too annoying essentially it’s a film about an uptight liar and a narcissist you don’t feel there’s any learning that goes on so while it tries and struggles to catch fire it never really gets going.



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1 thought on “The D Train Movie Review

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  2. Just got done watching this so it's fresh in my mind and i did not laugh once i hated the characters and it was just a weird feeling throughout..

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