23 thoughts on “Surprising young pigeon colours

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  6. I just love the little red-bar hen!😊 And the chirping bird in the background… Beautiful!😀🐦 Do you know what species it is? The sound is great! Best of luck for you and your family – both human and feathered one!😉🕊

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  13. Could you make videos on treating different injuries. I recently got pigeons and one of them didn’t have feathers on her head. The man said that she would heal on her own that she just got too close to other parent’s nests. She started healing nicely until the other night when my birds got attacked, I assume by a raccoon. I think when she was freaking out she bumped her head. There is now a big scab on her head. I put her and another pigeon in a smaller cage to make it easier to take care of her. Also to guarantee that if the raccoon came back I would at least have one hen and one cock.

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  21. Love the feisty pigeon bonus footage 😉
    New video ideas – you KNOW I want to see more genetics stuff. I already asked about lethal genes, intermediate phenotype, and mottle (let's hear about the different types). But I also mentioned sexing methods (and myths) so maybe something on that before I go off and hold a magnet over my frillback (joking).

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  24. Great job Adam. I really enjoy your channel content. I would like to see continued exploration of color & modifier genetics. Looking forward to an eventual analysis of the toy stencil, frill stencil lace & pencil genes as these are my favorite color modifying genes. Perhaps as time & energy permits examining & evaluating specifics of focus when looking for the best performance hens & cocks. Hope all goes well with your move. Keep up the good work!🙂👍

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