28 thoughts on “[Showbiz Korea] Kim Go-eun(김고은), Stars Say about her

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  7. Wow seemed like her co-stars really amazed by her act, coz usually when i'm watching other prescon of new film or drama the actors just praising each other "beautiful,handsome,caring,comfortable or blah blah blah" but for Goeun her co stars are different when complimenting bout her aside from her acting skills are superb her personality is really good she has her own uniqueness no wonder why her director from her debut film "A muse" deeply praised her also her director from coin locker girl. I stan to this girl! Her Uniqueness is always stands out she deserved a word "VERSATILE ACTRESS" periodt.

    edited: I watched the king she's really pretty the more you look at her. her beauty is something that you can compare coz of its uniqueness "so elegant" no doubted why being chanel ambassador really suits to her. 🤦‍♀️ sigh.

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  11. The industry was so prejudiced & biased towards her; the speculation on the cause of her breakup, her lack of their standards of beauty, and I am sick of people still harping on her role in A Muse and her supposedly sex scenes. When will they stop…??? 😡😡
    Don't everyone understand film making and how a film is made? They put pieces of puzzle together, projecting an image that resembles real life, that resembles something from the script. And the director directs the actor/actress/artist to do their bidding. Camera angles. Body double. Stunt men & stunt women. Do you think that Avengers really consist of super-beings who can fly, who can move objects, who can call up thunder & lightning, who can manipulate minds to do their bidding, who can stop time???
    If she won all those awards for her role in A Muse means her acting skills are good, amazing, superb, fantastic, realistic, and only those in the same industry would talk of her in awe, with respect, with admiration, and would want to work with her. And give her awards.
    People like us not in the same industry can only get to watch & admire her works from afar, on screen.
    And then there is those who talk nonsense bcos they have no understanding whatsoever of film making, of work of an artist. Who have an empty head. 😉
    If one notice, after Goblin she took a break due to all the harsh & mean & untrue things said/reported. Poor thing.
    In an interview, when asked the reason she took the role of SeonMi with PJM in SunsetInMyHometown, she said that she wanted a movie where she can heal……I cried 😭 reading this. She really had a bad time post Goblin.
    And I, for one, am so happy & glad that she bounced back bcos we now all got to enjoy more masterpiece like TuneInForLove & TKEM!!! 👍🥰
    And her new upcoming movie, a musical, HERO, coming in Summer 2020. This means she is now busy busy with it 🤗
    All The Best to KimGoEun 🤲💕

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  13. Shes simplicity sooooooo beautifil ❤❤❤👍👍👍 she act so real np wonder im so affevted every scene whe do 👍👍👍👍👍👍

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  19. Beauty is relative. What is beautiful to some might not be to others. For me beauty fades and what remains is a person’s character. I think KGE Has both. Strength of character and beauty of soul.

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  22. Im so confuse about people who hate her i mean when i saw this everyone adore her….even the great actor too…why???i thought because of she appear w him?is it interviewe fake or something??they all love her….idk i love her too and her chemistry w LMH is great btw on TKEM….yes she was social butterfly LMH always happy beside her hatters hatters….whats wrong w u?jealous?what she done to you??

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  27. I want Park bo gum in her next project. they're friendship started in coin locker girl moreover park bo gum even surprised KGE during her first fan meeting held last year 2015. I heard also that KGE receive and offer to play the female lead role in love in the moonlight to be paired with him but i think she rejected it because of Goblin. Its time for them to work again please.

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  29. CHESSE IN THE TRAP was a success considering her FIRST tv series. and was at top 35 most watched korean drama in cable tv.
    GOBLIN was a big hit in korea and was top 2 highest rated kdrama before but now top 5 because TWOTM and CLOY was added recently.
    and now THE KING ETERNAL MONARCH is currently slaying among 15 countries around the world.

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  32. Love her, her eyes talk,no need 4words just look in her eyes, beautiful lips w beautiful infectious smile , good aura's radiating on her, refreshing TIMELESS BEAUTY…Very TALENTED too..many beautiful faces but HERS UNIQUE AND UNFORGETTABLE 😍🤗💖💗💟💜

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  35. Wow so Lee Min Ho was not the only one mesmerized by her eyes. She really does have a lot of charms. But I hope she marries LMH tho, love their chemistry 😍😍🥰

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