Shopify Dropshipping $1,500 to $12,000 with Facebook Ads

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Hey! This is a case study I am doing with my store. I’ve started this store back in august, after failing so many times I finally see success in this store. It is making about $10,000+ a month in sales, about $4000 in profit.The sales mainly came from facebook mobile.

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44 thoughts on “Shopify Dropshipping $1,500 to $12,000 with Facebook Ads

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  4. can you also add how much you spent for the monthly fee for your shopify, web hosting fee, all the fees of your adds you posted, do you hire marketers to help you with that? do you pay other people?

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  10. Why would you duplicate it? Would your ads not be biding against each other? Would it not make more sense to just up the budget from 5 – 10?

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  15. How to select a niche to market? What is better, general store or niche store? Is there any video you have made on adding products to your webstore?

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  21. I'm interested in your mentoring i'm kinda new to drop shipping and i sell on eBay but recently stopped to do more research as i kinda done terribly but i did make quite a few sales i dunno whether to move to Shopify also if you could give me a really basic layout to advertise on facebook thanks.

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  31. How did you achieve such a low cost per purchase rate?? I launched my store 3 days ago and i have only gotten 1 order so far. My cost per purchase is $10+. Can you share some tips?

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  34. many thanks for the free generous coaching and sharing. we are goers and definitely appreciate positive gestures, so just leave those nay sayers aside, because even if you give them the world, it's forever not enough.

    well done for sharing

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  36. Were you spending too much on ads? It seems like the amount of sales compared to ad cost is way out of the ordinary. I just hit the market today, my theoretical data shows under 5% of sales revenue being spent on ads. I used all average rates for percentages and lowered my margins by 10% to make up for any unplanned product costs. Was my math probably wrong and Ill actually end up spending something more like 20% of sales revenue on ads?

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  40. May I start with facebook video ad instead post ad? Have you had any experience gaining paid traffic by video ads? Thank you 🙂

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  42. Is there anyone that has had even a small amount of success help me get started? It's frustrating as fuck. I'm not looking for a hand out. Just need some advice and someone to help me get started!

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  45. Hey Kevin thanks for the great videos. When you send traffic to Shopify from Facebook, are you getting email addresses and using them to make more money somehow? Or just simply sending traffic to Shopify to make the sale and that's that.

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  47. Anh Huy ơi, anh có tài liệu hoặc video hướng dẫn bằng tiếng Việt không? tôi đang nghiên cứu shopify nhưng khả năng nghe tiếng anh hơi kém

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  51. what happens if you get some engagement (likes, shares) but no sale? would you pause the campaign?

    how many sales during your ($5, 3-5days PPE) is a good enough indication for you to scale up?

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  54. Once I make a look a like audience from a 100 purchases, do I start over with the testing phase by putting 5 bucks into the 3 ad type or do I instantly run a WC ad for 50 bucks?

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