[RunningMan] Ep 364_0820_SoMin puts a stocking over her head and blows out the candles

Giải Trí

SoMin has to put a stocking over her head and then blow out the five candles LOL
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32 thoughts on “[RunningMan] Ep 364_0820_SoMin puts a stocking over her head and blows out the candles

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  4. When someone glows naturally, haters just get more attracted to them. The keep attacking because it remembers them, the lack of glow in their own lives. They're just jealous, she should be feel flattered!!!

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  11. at first when she join rm, i feel like i wont be watching rm again bcs of the new member but now somin is my favourite member n kinda be fans of her now

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  19. People that criticize her are ungrateful bastards that can’t do sht in real life so they complaint and criticize others to make their fking life less miserable when they truly are. But this is normal since we are all humans and they are celebrities so they shouldn’t take it at heart

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  31. I dont know how to say but i fell like when So min try something new,the other member did not found its funny while rm fans like her beacuse she is funny

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