RED FLAGS FROM JUSTIN BIEBER & HAILEY BALDWIN IN ‘SEASONS’: Signs You’re Codependent | Shallon @Justin Bieber
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#JustinBieber’s new YouTube docu-series, Seasons and his new song Intentions, both showcase his marriage to wife Hailey Baldwin, but is their romance based on her basically being his mom? I’ll show you six signs you’re in a codependent relationship! #shallon #shallonlester

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Got a love, dating or friendship question? You’ve come to the right place! I’m Shallon Lester, a two-time published author, NYC magazine editor and star of Howcast’s viral kissing videos. I spill the tea on celebs like Kylie Jenner, the Kardashians, Beyonce, Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin, Rihanna and more, breaking down their relationships, scandals and psychology to see what lessons WE can learn, and give you no-nonsense advice and real-world tips on everything from dating apps and players, to family and friends!


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47 thoughts on “RED FLAGS FROM JUSTIN BIEBER & HAILEY BALDWIN IN 'SEASONS': Signs You're Codependent | Shallon

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  2. The whole time watching seasons I thought "damn I couldn't put up with that baby of a man for one day". Jeez just MAN UP already!

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  4. đăng ký w88

  5. After watching this I can tell that you don't know anything about how much God can change a person for the better, and for the last 2-3 years he has changed his whole world around to be a good husband, good friend and good person in general by following and trusting God.

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  9. đăng ký w88

  10. This is the toxiest relationship ive ever seen. Also the fact that she was a huge fan before dating just reafirms facts that she will let him get away with anything

  11. đăng ký w88

  12. I think that with the studio situation Hailey may be a little clingy because I remember one episode Justin kicked her out because she would just hang out there all the time and he couldn't concentrate.

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  17. đăng ký w88

  18. “So Justin, oh the whole thing is about JUSTINFYINg HIM, let me adJust here” Okay okay 😂 you like Justin, we got it 2:16

  19. đăng ký w88

  20. She looks like his mom on this photo😐and how he's hugging her😂and his pubertal mustache….🤦‍♀️ photo 10/10🎯🎯🎯

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  22. đăng ký w88

  23. đăng ký w88

  24. Read somewhere that sometimes the empath, or a mentally healthy (or at least the person in best mental health) is just naturally gravitated towards by those who are insecure or broken. Which sucks. Because I’ve only been in two codependent relationships, I’m in my early twenties and just need a man. A legitimate man. Not a man-baby, not a man with traumas. A man who sees his traumas and deals with it himself. Tired of the “I was raised like this” or “I’m this way because of X” I will never invalidate that, because “me too” but I’m not here to “deal” with your problems. Learn to fix it, grow from it, or I’m moving on.

  25. đăng ký w88

  26. I just got out of a relationship very similar to this….but because the people around me (family and friends) noticed I was feeling a bit upset they started pointing how im not happy as i used to. I broke it off trying to fix my ex….
    I was never an angry person yet…..he made it easy and was very tired of everything and had enough.

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  28. đăng ký w88

  29. đăng ký w88

  30. Justin seems to be a love bomber. I feel like that's a cycle he's been doing for all of his relationships. Manipulative and narcissistic. I feel for every girl who falls into this trap.

  31. đăng ký w88

  32. Talk about emotional manipulation..this lady said I'm so tired I could fall over, BUTTT I stay awake for you. Go to bed, don't play the sacrificing victim as if people who watch your videos are why you don't get to sleep when you're tired. I'm out.

  33. đăng ký w88

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  37. đăng ký w88

  38. Honestly, Thank you so much for these videos. I just got out of a relationship and I’m still hurting because of the way my ex has treated me (lovebombing me first, then dropping me like a hot potato out of nowhere and with no explanation whatsoever), I’ve been asking myself where I went wrong: now I begin to realize maybe it was a codependant relationship and your videos are helping me come to terms with it and realizing my worth. Thank you so much♥️

  39. đăng ký w88

  40. I don't like Hailey because she is so jealous and was okay being a side piece for a long time abd let Justin lie to Selena for a long time and has shaded her, but I feel bad for her because not only does she get compared to other people, she has to deal with Justin

  41. đăng ký w88

  42. If someone keeps on helping someone he or she will feel more invested, energy,service and time. Which makes it harder to leave.

  43. đăng ký w88

  44. đăng ký w88

  45. Just spit it out she is an obsessed fan that got "lucky" it's so sad girl get your own life…he is like her god. How not anyone in her circle tells her that

  46. đăng ký w88

  47. đăng ký w88

  48. Hmm thanks for raising this issue. But, I expect you can see more clearly the source of codependency in this relationship.

    Justin Bieber has Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). So it doesn’t matter with who he has relationship, codependency often present, exploitation, gaslighting, manipulation. While he is being praised in public, the ex and current “supply” will be party to get blame for whatever happens to this NPD.

  49. đăng ký w88

  50. I saw a video about how they first met, like they were still young kids and it was like from the start she's really got a big crush on him…so I guess its already a giveaway (for him)…

  51. đăng ký w88

  52. Shallon, AFTER watching your videos, I would 100% say NO. (to the ultimate fuckboy). If I hadn’t discovered you- I would probably have said yes. Thank you soo much for teaching me about self respect and growth. 💗💗💗

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  55. đăng ký w88

  56. đăng ký w88

  57. If you can step back and look at the whole docuseries, this is about his childhood, growing up, "not so wonderful" childhood memories, odds not in his favor, and his painful journey with mental health issues. He grew up in poverty and with a single mom. In looking at all socioeconomic statistics, it's a miracle that he broke through that. You dug through the footage, took a couple of remarks and turned it into something that it probably should not have been, "aha!" It took guts to make this series. This was about struggles and fighting your inner demons that break down mental health. I think you need to let people shine a light on what this is truly about, versus taking away the entire message with a 10 second clip. You missed this point. It's a bit petty.

  58. đăng ký w88

  59. Well i dunno where is going to end up but sometimes theory doesn’t always work in every situation. Relationship itself weather normal or not demanding hard work from both sides and only them whose not tired of work their relationship till the end. And his alone not an ordinary man his like the little king of pop now so the situation alone not normal that imagine there’s a bunch of girls wanting to be with him, its really up to them how they work their relationship coz there’s no such a perfect relationship its all about compromise compromise and compromise, there will be a lot of struggles since they both still young & both of them still unstable in emotion as long they not tired in the middle of the way & both of them willing to work it out giving the best they can for their marriage nothing impossible i think remember there’s always miracle & God helps them who pray, good luck for them & we’ll see how they story goes ❤️

  60. đăng ký w88

  61. love your content so far and i find it very intuitive and honest .it heats deep in the sense i have this judgement in my everyday life .,but i have to make a statement here. i think you are taking advantage of the mentality every person has in him. like you are above everything and figuring out the dynamics about life ,relationships etc while this exact mentality makes u famous and climb up the ladder in everyway . you are interested in pretty personal matters of celebrities ,which portrays the exact point im trying to make. you act like you are above it all in a spiritual sense ,but if we think this through ,you are actually just gossiping about celebrities ,exploiting in a way the fame . what im trying to say is that we see you too.

  62. đăng ký w88

  63. I do feel bad for her. I think she really wants to be the one that wins, that gets the guy, that has all his love, the one he changes for. But shes going to get so exhausted being his shield and his fuel, and being the only one trying to make him change. Shes going to learn the hard way that what everyone has said is true but by that time she will feel like she has already put so much effort into it that she cant let it go. She wont want to hear the I told you so or to be looked at like she wasnt any different and still done the same.

  64. đăng ký w88

  65. I think maybe he is codependent to a certain extent because of his upbringing and he wasn’t raised properly….but everyone has their person and Haley is it. They have been friends when they were kids, I believe they support each other and she doesn’t mind being that person for him that he “depends” on..depression and etc ain’t a joke. Haley is ok with it all and accepts him so leave it be. Selena decided it wasn’t for her, especially with everything she has gone through and I get it. But y’all he is doing better and he’s making better choices for himself. He does care about his health now and it shows. Give the man a break.

  66. đăng ký w88

  67. đăng ký w88

  68. It's so interesting watching this after what Selena said about being in an emotional abusive relationship with Justin… I love Justin, I'm a Belieber and have been for about 12 years. But watching him grow up in the spotlight so young and what he went through and all the decisions he made is rough. He says he wants stability but he's not creating that environment and is following his father's footsteps.

  69. đăng ký w88

  70. đăng ký w88

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