35 thoughts on “New 10.3.3 Jailbreak Goblin 64bit

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  5. Phone rebooted, I lost jailbreak.
    I try doing the same installation as shown in the video but when I get to the G0blin JAilbreak button my whole phone just restarts again.

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  9. It says, "u have a current ios development certificate or a pending certificate " while installing from cydia impactor !! What should i do ?

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  14. 100% working on ios 10.3.2 and its amazing 🙂 btw you have to have itunes installed on your pc for cydia impactor to work.. had to figure that out myself xD

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  25. after respring all my apps disappeared and i have a gray bar with nothing in it at the bottom.
    nothing works.
    its like bricking my iphone because i get nothing to function.
    please help

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  27. So this wont work for ipad air 1 on 10.2.1? its just insta respring to me when press Jailbreak… and guys on reddit told it will work(

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  29. hello, i did jailbreak then i deleated coz didnt work properly, then i tried to reinstal but I cant see my settings button, and i dont have local service and no wi fi.
    i think can fix it with shh but I cant use it without jailbreak.
    plz help me

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  32. For all wondering, new repo is in:


    It is constantly being updated, hence today was the official release of RC1, which solves most issues with bootstrap, cyida, etc…

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  34. Is it working in iPhone 6 10.3.3 CPU A9 & 64bit device????
    Which types of this jailbreack?
    Finger print sensor working After this Jailbreack ?

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  39. You do not even know how to use the iphone? you just have to close Cydia from the multitasking and start it again damn stupid, THE JAILBREAK WORKS PERFECT FINE

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  44. I can't download anything and now Cydia keeps crashing, I've tried hitting jailbreak again on goblin but it just restarts my phone and doesn't do shit what should I do?

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