Making Room for Solar Power in Sunny Singapore


“SO HOT!” 🥵
Singapore may be sunny 🌞 all year, but does that mean we can get all the solar energy we need?

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We spoke to Kamal from the Energy Market Authority (EMA) and saw both the highs (rooftops) and lows (reservoirs) of his job in making full use of Singapore’s spaces for the adoption of solar energy, in the fight against climate change! 💪🏻


This video is part of our Neighbours series. We walk past them every day, not realising that even the most ordinary of people have extraordinary stories to tell. Hear them speak.

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11 thoughts on “Making Room for Solar Power in Sunny Singapore

  1. đăng ký w88

  2. i have a great idea that is out of the box, how can i pitch to the government. ps my idea is a closed cycle hydrogeothermal plant. anyone would like how it would look like?

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  4. đăng ký w88

  5. Many back roads in private housing estates have little traffic during the daytime. They could be converted to solar panels under a grid that cars can drive on. The occasional car driving past should not matter much

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  7. đăng ký w88

  8. Perhaps watch 'Planet of the Humans' by Jeff Gibbs. 100 minutes in duration, the documentary is on the Michael Moore yt channel; quite a turnaround for him !

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  10. đăng ký w88

  11. I disagree with what he said about other countries being able to learn from Singapore how to harness solar energy in a dense nation. The technology is already more than 20 years old and there have been new and improved ways of harnessing the solar energy. Please learn from other countries and not install something that is already 20 years old.

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  13. đăng ký w88

  14. Can share how do we HDB residents can use solar power??? My unit is facing West and East sun so wasted the solar energy that shine through my place.

  15. đăng ký w88

  16. Approach is so slow. Solar panels have been around for more than 20 years and yet only recently has HDB been putting panels on the rooftop. And the roof is so constraint with water tank and lift-motor room, can't even install much panels. Only enough to power the small advertising TV they install at the lift lobby, haha. Private home owners and building owners shy away because there are no subsidy or incentives to install them. However, I do appreciate what this guy is doing and his job.

  17. đăng ký w88

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