14 thoughts on “Lecture 17: MS Access Query Wizard – remove duplicate records

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  3. Very good!!! finaly I know how to remove double records with a query. Ik was looking for it for years and Microsoft never helped. 🙂 You did and I learned it in 5 minutes.

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  14. contains differents sheets and in each of them, I have duplicate rows. The issue is that the information in 2 duplicates records are not the same from a column to another unless Last Name and First Name.
    I have been able to identify duplicates records and store them in a temporary table. I have then deleted them from the initial table and want now to Append only one of each duplicated records from teh temporary table. Need your help for that or any other solution.

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  17. Thank you, I was looking for days to find how to prevent duplicate data when i import from excel to access, followed your steps and it worked great, once more thank you

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