Kawasaki All New 2021 KLX250 | Bike Review | Be Next ( HD Videos )

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Kawasaki will soon launch the Motocross variant of the Kawasaki KX250 version 2021 with a lighter weight to improve performance.

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The KX250 still relies on an old design, maintaining a tradition that has been carried out for 40 years.

Even so, performance is still new on the KX250 with more power and a higher rev limit. The engine output also increased by 1.3HP.

So, when will the latest Kawasaki KX250 be marketed? In addition to performance and display dressings, check the video immediately

(Kawasaki segera meluncurkan Motocross varian Kawasaki KX250 versi 2021 dengan bobot yang lebih ringan demi meningkatkan performa.

KX250 masih mengandalkan desain lama, mempertahankan tradisi yang sudah dijalankan selama 40 tahun.

Meski begitu, performa tetap menjadi hal yang baru pada KX250 dengan tenaga lebih besar dan batas putaran lebih tinggi. Output mesin pun bertambah 1,3HP.

Terus, kapan Kawasaki KX250 terbaru dipasarkan? Selain performa dan balutan tampilan, langsung Cek Videonya)

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