International Bboy Games 2012 – FalCrow Production

Giải Trí

International Bboy Games – 2vs2 Battle & 1vs1 Kids – Italy

Trailer made by FalCrow Production.
R16 Trailer is coming soon too!!

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27 thoughts on “International Bboy Games 2012 – FalCrow Production

  1. he is the first who did airchair to 1990 and other tricks+powermoves combos, I think this is originality 🙂
    bboying is free, everyone has his own rules and criteria we think 🙂

  2. Kill is not a bboy !!!
    He is fuckin' breakdancist. He has no dance , no flava , no original moves , no flow.
    It is not interesting to watch him doing his Airchairs and Airflares. I don't understand how could he win a BBOY battle.

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