Intelligence officials from U.S., South Korea say Kim Jong-un is alive


There has been speculation about the health of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, including rumours he may have died. Intelligence officials from the United States and South Korea say he is alive.

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41 thoughts on “Intelligence officials from U.S., South Korea say Kim Jong-un is alive

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  9. Howard X, a.k.a. Australian Kim Jong-Un, is alive! Howard X is up and about as an impersonator of Kim Jong-Un and is launching his toy rockets.

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  13. Thank goodness. I have been worried sick about Little Kim. Without him Trump has no allies internationally

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  16. The US give South Korea president a Samsung phone and a Hyundai car. But he still can not find love in America and Europe. The Korean man travel to Viet nam and Third world countries looking for love. Go Home curry people , dont come to Vietnam losers

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  21. Biggest celebration is.when.he.dies. with all the evil he's committed .God hates Reprobates .Fool .has a.terrifying future in Hell 🔥 Christ is the only Saviour Best wishes.forma joyful Eternity

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  45. Perhaps he's in an underground NK government bunker avoiding covid OR he has covid? For all we know they could have the highest covid cases.

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