Inside the World's BEST Airline – Singapore Airlines


A behind the scenes video of the World’s BEST Airline – Singapore Airlines service and training. Video of how Singapore Airlines train the crew and deliver best service.

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Also watch Sam to challenge and learn how to deliver the Singapore Airlines Service standard.


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43 thoughts on “Inside the World's BEST Airline – Singapore Airlines

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  4. I heve more experience 25 year ego i wil trewal singapore air line so kind and soooo beautiful gril .🙏 soooo much 👍 god bless .

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  8. I was realy intrested while watching amazing trainer indeed taking care of each point very proffissional amazing

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  14. I have gone on Business with my mom in SG airlines. We live in korea and she went to SG for business. The service was incredible. The flight attendants where very nice and kind. They served amazing food, and the seats where in so much care that they were still firm! Incredible.

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  19. Sometimes… I'd like to have some extra sauce on my meal, because they're very good, and when I ask for it, the FA always come with the answer, "I'm so sorry, the extra sauce is unavailable…" 🙁 …until I can get one of very logical answer that everything has been measured up to the little things, including the sauce that should be served, now I understand… overall, I always enjoy in-flight meal that I've had…

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  24. ต้องทาาข้าวด้วยคะไขกระดูกสันหลัง

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  28. 04:17 came here for the 4th cabin crew in thumbnail you can see she has a beautiful eyes which i cant resist myselves from seeing her 🤩🤩🤩🤩

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  30. The best service. During connecting flights the SA staff are at vantage points to help its passengers upto the boarding gate with utmost ease. We had no problem while traveling from Singapore to San Francisco to catch the connecting flights. Their commitment is commendable.

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  32. Why again summontery.Arent we clear about business.Always the side close up.There s none of regardings.Serving Asia.Airlines travel Worldwide close up. LATEST MISSION AND CONNECTION.DONT DELAY.AND CASES.

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  35. SPORE OUTSTSNDING AirPort.Since Japanese World Wars.Spore Girl .Batik Kebaya.Asia Asean Legenderies.Travel and packages.Unpair Specialty Gift and tokens.Simply daily ordinary.Comparison rich and slendou .Luxury and classes.Ati Harbour Vavillions.World wide Expozy.

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  38. Sam Sui, not Sam Chui. Chuoi is Teochew. The Sui are all Hokkien, not Teochew. Singapore Airlines is among the world best airline, not the best. It's disgusting to hold foods by hands to prepare food to serve even vegetable.

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  40. How people full from such kind little meal? ??if we pay heavy for executive seat , should eat full meal as we eat in home 🤗🤗🤗

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  43. Meanwhile … back in the states … American Airlines and Delta – pasta – again, and again and again …. 😩😣🤬🤦🏻‍♀️

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  45. Nice training pointing out the nitty gritty of presentation to the guests in a perfect manner, which matters a lot to the organization of hospitality and to the guest. Nice tutorial for everybody who likes to make mistakes and gets it better managed by the experience of appropriate Masters.

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  55. On year early 80 I took Pan Am from Hongkong to USA , it was very bad experienced the flight antendant drop the meal on my shoulder .

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