How to Remove Browser Ads (Official Dell Tech Support)

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Learn how to remove browser ads from your computer. This video demonstrates how to remove ads from Google Chrome browser but these steps can be used to remove ads from any browser.
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Hi welcome to Dell Tech Support.
We are constantly bombarded by advertising. In this video we will look into why our computer keeps getting all these ads and more importantly, what we can do to stop it. It is common for these advertisements, called Adware, to be installed along with programs or extensions. Many times you access a website, and you receive a request to install a certain extension, or when you download some free software and install it in the automatic mode, you end up installing some adware. To identify if any Adware has been installed, look for advertisements that pop up on your screen, in the search bar of your browser toolbar, and any unnecessary any extensions that you don’t remember installing. This is a sign that you have been infected with Adware.
Because they are easily installed, they are also very easy to remove. And in this demonstration will use Google Chrome. Open the browser. Click on the options icon and select Settings or Preference. Here you will find additional options, including Extensions. Click on it to see all the extensions installed on your browser. Caution: not all extensions will be Adware. Remove the ones you don’t want by clicking on the trashcan. For the ones you’re not sure about, disable them first and reopen the browser to see the impact. Then go back to finally remove or re-enable any. If after these steps the ads are still there, go into the control panel and select Programs and Features. Here you will find a list of installed programs. Use the Installed On filter to order the list by date to help identify any Adware that may have been added on with any programs you installed.
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  2. đăng ký w88

  3. i have those black looking boxes who come up on the side of my wifi and battery area and they wont go away so im looking for help its really annoying i wanna remove it so that nobody in my family sees it and think im doing something bad ugh!

  4. đăng ký w88

  5. there are those black boxes pop in out of the side of wifi and battery, and no matter what I do they still are there!
    Heres some of them:
    Your Computer has a virus! Install our app so we can remove this virus!

    I have no idea what to do help I just restarted the whole computer

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