How To Make Animation in PowerPoint Using Vector Files | #PowerOfPowerPoint and Adobe Illustrator

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In this Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorial, we will use the ready-made Vector Files (AI or EPS File Format) exported through Adobe Illustrator in SVG Format to later import into PowerPoint. Basically, it is a process of converting files from Adobe Illustrator to PowerPoint.

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Many of the viewers asked me several times how they can draw or get the characters without the need of using Shape Tools to draw them in PowerPoint. So, this tutorial is about how you can Adobe Illustrator files and convert them into PowerPoint Assets. provides use millions of free graphics resources that you can download in AI or EPS Format. Later, you can take the help of online services or Adobe Illustrator to convert the file into SVG Format which is supported by PowerPoint.

After the conversion, you can Insert the SVG File in PowerPoint and can then ungroup and group-specific layers and can later apply animation effects on the specific layers.

PowerPoint only supports WMF, EMS and SVG Vector Files that you can insert into your slides.

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The information applies to the following versions:
Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 / 2010 / 2013 / 2016 / 2019


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  4. Bro. This was a great video. I am very good with PowerPoint but am new to vectors. In the explainer videos that I create I use Presenter Media along with FreePik (yearly subscriptions). Thanks for the post.

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  7. why are repeating one line thousand times ? this video was really irritating and you need to make a change in it. if you keep doing so ppl will unsubscribe. I'm saying all this for your betterment .

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  11. i can't ungroup any knd of picture in power point i tried svg eps wmf .. for wmf and eps it's totally disabled, but for svg first time ungroup is ok but i can't use second tme ungroup .. please tell me whats wrong and what should i do.

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  15. Have been using your channel for quite some time and have found almost all your videos full of valuable information and guidelines to make one's profession up to the benchmark. Excellent work! keep it up.

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  22. Grace à tes leçons , j'ai appris à mettre plusieurs animations ,et à les mettre ensemble ou qui se suivent grace au volet animation.J'ai préparé tout à l'heure l'inéquation niveau 3ème, ça bouge, ça change de couleur, trop bien si j'ai un éleve de 3eme ou 2nde 🙂

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  24. can u make text highlighting effect in power point like in below video? or using any other method? plz tell.

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  26. I know that you are Thai because, I also Thai but when I see your channel, I understand but thank you. Your PowerPoint are helpful.

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  31. Ok, but I don't even imagen whose needs to create so difficult animation using PowerPoint (PowerPoint it presentation tool, not animation) it's like trying to cut a piece of bread use own hand. You can do it for sure, but spent efforts and results will be much worst then if you use a professional tool like the adobe after effect for example.

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