How to be a smarter drop shipper and business owner

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Starting a successful business has never been easy or free. Even with dropshipping. You have to filter out and choose between 3 main methods to dropshipping.

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❌Amazon FBA (selling on Amazon) I’ll explain why this is the worst mistake.
❌ Aliexpress Dropshipping or as I call it dropshipping cheap crap from china no one wants.
✅ High Ticket domestic drop shipping: where we focus on ONE order a day to build a 6-figure A year business or 7 figure a year business.

In this video, you’ll find out exactly why right now more than ever the worst businesses to choose to start are Aliexpress and Amazon online businesses. You’ll also learn why High Ticket dropshipping is the best method and only method to dropshipping that will thrive in 2020.
Already since January of 2020 to March 2020, we’ve seen A 37% increase in orders over $1,000. Yet, Amazon is forcing their resellers to NOT sell anything that’s non-essential and if you’re sourcing from China expect delay’s in delivery of months or longer.

Here are some benefits to High Ticket dropshipping

➕We use our own Shopify account
➕Create A Real brand not a crappy store
➕Domestic Suppliers to source dropshipping products from (usually the manufacturer)
➕Average Profit Per Order of $300 or higher (after all costs)
➕No Facebook ads to start with (We only target people searching for us)
➕Perfect business to start if you have zero prior experience.
➕One Order A Day is enough to build a 6-figure a year profit business.

Starting a successful business has never been easy or free. Even with dropshipping. You have to put some money into your dropshipping business before your dropshipping business puts money into your pocket. And you have to put in the work while committing the time to learn new skills.

Start with my free 2-hour masterclass I’m hosting where I share exactly:
“How my client earned $120,000 per month in sales over $1.5 Million in 12 months with just one or two sales a day without any prior experience.”

Remember: The money you spend starting your store is an investment but choosing the wrong method can cost you more (TIME). And whether you’re buying stocks or launching stores, you invest in things because you expect a return.
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