How To Add A color Wheel to Photoshop CS6

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This is a short tutorial on adding a color wheel to PS CS6; I use short cuts to show how to set preferences, pick colors and pull up the traditional color picker. There are a lot of shortcuts that will help increase ones productivity in Photoshop.

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There is another free tool to add a Corel Painter Style Wheel. It can be found at and a quick tutorial can be found here …this is thanks to John.


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40 thoughts on “How To Add A color Wheel to Photoshop CS6

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  7. Wow I noticed your OSD Hotkey program, that's fantastic for tutorials, Never seen it used before! Also great short tutorial, thank u

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  11. When using the short-cut to bring up the color wheel, be sure to be in the Brush Tools. Shortcuts in PS are not universal to all the toolsets…just and FYI.

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  14. There is a free color wheel plugin available by Len White which behaves like the Corel Painter color wheel. Just google Len White Color Wheel. Just donate to the guy if you can!

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  18. This is the default path for the Photoshops Plug ins
    C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Photoshop CS6 (64 Bit)Plug-insPanels
    Let me know if you see it?

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  21. i only have hue wheel and medium and large. so i chose the hue wheel. but when i click alt+shift+ mouse right click the wheel doesn't show up

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  28. Thanks man. I added the ALT+SHIFT+R CLICK shortcut on my Intuos tablet to get them colours and all I have to do is press one button and i'm good.

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  33. thanks, you just forgot to say that you have to close photoshop and reload it again so it can be activated, once you close it and re-open it again it will be there, thanks!!

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  36. Very nice, I can easily bind Shift + Alt + Right Click to an Express Key of my Wacom Tablet so I just push the key and the Wheel pops up. Thank you very much. All the Shortcuts in Photoshup are pretty much hidden. Learning new Shortcuts all the time 😀

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  40. if the the painter wheel doesnt work for u, try to do this: Photoshop > Preferences > Perfomance -> "use graphic processor". If u should have a notebook and point "use graphic processor" is not active – choose your  discrete graphics card(your best card) as preferable for Photoshop in control panel of your videocard.

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  44. Hey! Sometimes the ALT+SHIFT+R-CLICK works and in other drawing I press ALT+SHIFT+R-CLICK but all i get is an eyedropper with the crosshair next to it and no matter what I do it won't open the color wheel. What is happening here for some drawings it works the entire time and for others it won't work at all?

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  50. This is by far the worst color wheel you could do and you aren't "adding" anything. This is a built in feature. Save the word "add" for things like plugins. The title is misleading.

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