GTA 5 Online Heists – The Most Fails of All-Time! | Pacific Standard Finale | iPodKingCarter

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GTA 5 Online Heists – The Most Fails of All-Time! | Pacific Standard Finale | iPodKingCarter



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47 thoughts on “GTA 5 Online Heists – The Most Fails of All-Time! | Pacific Standard Finale | iPodKingCarter

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  3. For anyone watching:

    1. Please put the heist clothing as Player Saved Outfits and get yourself a heavy utility vest from Ammunation instead of these goofy ass suits.

    2. If both crowd control roles just hold their RPGs, you don’t have to shoot and Intimidation won’t go down. Just keep an eye on the guards that spawn.

    3. ONE person should grab the money! No need for two. You won’t run out of time.

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  8. for the first part, your issue was, you needed osmeone with an LMG who had NO supressor on theit gun to keep shooting straight at a wall. if you have the max gun skill and came with full ammo, you would not run out if the people did their job right.

    with an LMG, the loud noise and constant shooting at a wall will keep the yellow bar full.

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  12. Has anyone discovered my route on this mission. Go up the hill ( where u meet Lamar on the first mission online)toward your destination. Then off the road into where Trevor chases the plane for madraza in story. Then left on route to the tracks follow the tracks wrap around back to your destination thru the tunnel then turn back around thru the tunnel again. It leaves you at risk for only 25 percent of the journey. Try it ppl tend to follow me after enough fails.

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  31. The guy that kept arguing was one of the problems y'all kept loosing someone and he complained honestly he should shut the fuck an play

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  44. Hey can I add you on PS4? I'm trying to find people to play GTA 5 online with but I can't find anybody that are not assholes.

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  53. Tip: You don't need the bikes, it's not an instant fail if you use a 4 seater car. If you are unsure of your bike handling skills, it's probably safer to use a car.

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