48 thoughts on “Global National: March 11, 2020 | WHO declares coronavirus a global pandemic

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  3. I known the medicine for this Coronavirus case.
    I’m not joking or playing game any health organizations want my help contact me as soon as possible to stop this Coronavirus…

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  7. a proton and a neutron were talking the other day ,the proton said ,"did you know everything is made up of atoms" ,to which the neutron replied ,'the Chinese make up everything too"

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  14. Coronavirus breaks out and peoples first instinct is looting all the toilet paper. My town got hit bad with the looting fever.

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  21. The world needs James Bond ( licensed to kill )to stop the spectre who created this virus to make money.

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  23. funny how people forgot where it originated from, CHINA, now we're talking about Europe and North America. The Chinese are smart they are toying with the world, how come not much in North Korea or Russia, what about ISIS, they seem fine. This is china's doing to disrupt the market.

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  25. this is amazing for my expenses. I mean gas is under 1$ for god's sake. My mortgage interest rate might lower, so how does a normal person like me middle class get affected financially? GAS under 1$ WOOT WOOT

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  28. Some stupid people is not only make troubles for themselves, but also others. Please take your social responsibilities, well protect yourself

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  30. A few weeks ago, America was accusing Iran and China of "covering up", but US itself has been covering up the coronavirus for weeks because of economic reasons. Very few people have been tested and even Trump recently said not to worry much about it. America is nothing but a liar, bully and a zionist colonial Israeli agent.

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  39. Look at all of those politicians sitting so close together while talking about fighting this. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

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  45. Hey!

    Go get a can of Lysol, for Coronavirus since 1960's…, on the back of the can as stated!

    I ate chicken little that was yelling, the sky is FALLING, the SKY is FALLING…I got da fake virus

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  50. Really shocking if you notice the date written on the cover of the 2015 Economist, specifically at the feathers of two arrows on the bottom right.
    11.3 and 11.5 . Also you could notice an officer wearing a mask and gloves in the crowds.
    Now the event for 3/11 is 'PANDEMIC DECLARATION'.
    I'm really curious what the world is preparing for 5/11.

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  52. This virus is going to run its course no matter what. Who cares, it's part of nature. Go about your life. No one lives forever. Grasp reality and hold on.

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  54. 👎Tedros. This is months too late! Many of us who have been called conspiracy theorists for trying to draw attention to the gravity of the situation months ago will never forget the failings of the WHO.

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  57. Ok, but no face masks ?? They don’t sell anymore hand sanitizer nor face masks. I’m getting frustrated. Midsts all of this everyone is panicking.

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  62. Trudeau Liberal have not stopped illegal border crossings.
    TRUDEAU has destroyed Canada. He doesn't give a cr*p about Canadians

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  65. For all you people saying everyone needs masks for protection from the virus… Masks will NOT protect you from the virus. The only use masks will provide for you is wearing them if you suspect that you have the virus, which in that case will protect the public from the virus.
    Remember to keep clean by washing your hands often. That's one of the best ways to avoid getting the virus.

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