DIY Electric Skateboard Build – Better Than A Boosted Board

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Budget Electric Skateboard Parts List:

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As promised, here is the video all about my DIY Electric Skateboard / Longboard. To me, it’s better than a boosted board with a range of 10 miles and a top speed of 25mph. The board is built with parts from Torque Boards, Enertion Boards, Random Amazon Parts, and Hobby King.

It has it’s faults but I still love it.



Main Camera:
Back Up Camera:
Super Sharp Portrait Lens:
Vlog Lens:
Another Portrait Lens:
Best SD Cards Ever:




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41 thoughts on “DIY Electric Skateboard Build – Better Than A Boosted Board

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  7. Hey I want to make an esk8 to a school project and I have done already a list of the stuff I'll need… but I steal have my doubts… could you have a look at it please it would be super helpful

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  21. Are you From Vegas Too, I just subscribe to your Channel, I thinking on build a electric skateboard, I hope we can collaborate soon bro

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  26. I saw the parts list but there are many options for each part. Can you please specify which version you used for each part?

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  30. i really need advice to customise my board, ill send videos via instagram if you add me @teesxnusii. I own a company and i will make it worth your time for the advise

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  33. WEAR A BLOODY HELMET! 7 reported deaths due to electric skateboards and almost all of them weren't wearing one! We're ambasodors for the eskate community and you're not painting us in a good light 😡

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  37. I’m like one hundred percent YouTube is listening to me I said how do you make a electric skateboard and a electric skateboard ad poped up

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  45. how much did you spend on building it yourself? Did you save enough to make it worth it to not spend a bit more to get a professionally made board?

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  47. Dude if your going to talk smack on the boosted boards and other brands than fully show how to build yours.

    Btw they make boosted boards for $300

    …I hate your voice. You have the voice of a spoiled child that got everything they have in life from mommy and daddy.

    Fix your voice. And cut down on the drone flex

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