Connected Cleanroom – Online platform providing all KPI’s on your textile management 24/7

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Connected Cleanroom allows you traceability of your garments, and monitoring to show SOP is being followed. The customer accessible web-based dashboard can be used in isolation to track your garments, monitor stock and ensure your operators are changing garments on every entry and exit. The Connected Cleanroom scan station can be an addition to the customer accessible web-based dashboard. Using a reference number unique to them, each member of staff required to have cleanroom access scan their garments in and out at each entry and exit via a UHF chip or barcode system. You have full traceability of all users and can ensure your SOP is being followed and contamination control being maintained. Smart cabinets are a range of garment dispensing systems that link information to your Connected Cleanroom dashboard. With Deister it is a card entry and the system automatically registers the garment issue. With the Polytex you use a card, tag or fingerprint for the scanner which automates and records the garment issue. The Q-Gate uses card entry to gain entry to the gateway to the garment dispensing area where system automatically registers the garment issue.


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