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1. I (be) ____AM____ at school at the weekend.
2. She (not study) ___DOES NOT STUDY_____ on Friday.
3. My students (be not) ____ARE NOT____ hard working.
4. He (have) ___HAS_____ a new haircut today.
5. I usually (have) __HAVE______ breakfast at 7.00.
6. ____DOES___She (live) ____LIVE____ in a house?
7. Where _____ARE____your children (be)?
8. My sister (work) __WORKS______ in a bank.
9. Dog (like) ___LIKES_____ meat.
10. She (live)__LIVES______ in Florida.
11. It (rain)___RAINS_____ almost every day in Manchester.
12. We (fly)___FLY_____ to Spain every summer.
13. My mother (fry)_FRIES_______ eggs for breakfast every morning.
14. The bank (close)___CLOSES_____ at four o’clock.
15. John (try)__TRIES______ hard in class, but I (not think) _DO NOT THINK_______ he’ll pass.
16. Jo is so smart that she (pass)_PASSES_______ every exam without even trying.
17. My life (be)___IS_____ so boring. I just (watch)__WATCH______ TV every night.
18. My best friend (write)__WRITES______ to me every week.
19. DO You (speak) __SPEAK______ English?
20. She (not live) _DOES NOT LIVE_______ in HaiPhong city.
21.They (go) ___GO_____ home from school at 5 p.m
22.My cousin (never do_DOES_______ housework
23.Your mother (like____LIKES____________ fish?
24.Her sisters (chat) ____CHAT____________ in their room in the evening.
25.What time ____DOES______your father(go________GO________ home from work.?
26. Lan _______IS_________ my sister. (be)
27. They ______ARE__________ my cousins. (be)
28. I_____AM NOT___________ good at Math. (not be)
29. (Be) __ARE______________ you a teacher?
30. (be) ___IS_____________ he a good student?
31. (be) ____IS____________ it a pen?
32. My friends_______ARE_________ friendly. (not be)
33. I and Mai _______ARE_________ friends. (be)
34. It________IS________ a table. (not be)
35. We (be) _______ARE_________ students of Yen Vien Secondary School.
36. How old ______ARE__________ you? (be)
37. How old ______IS__________ she? (be)
38. Who_________ARE_______ they? (be)
39. This ________IS________ a book and these __________ARE______ pens. (be)
40. _______ARE_________ you in class 4A? (be)
41. There______ARE__________ many flowers in my garden. (be)
42. There_______ARENOT any flowers in my garden. (not be)
43. ___________ARE_____ there any flowers in your garden. (be)
44. I_________AM NOT_______ a student in class 5C. (not be)
45. What time_____IS___________ it? (be)
46. I often _______DO_________ morning exercises. (do)
47. She always _____TALKS___________ at class. (talk)
48. They______GO__________ to school by bus every morning. (go)
49. Where______DO__________ you __________LIVE______ (live)
– I (live) __________LIVE______ in Yen Vien Town.

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