Car Hauling Dispatcher – How To Book, Load & Verify Using Load Boards

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Now that we’ve booked 3 vehicles for our driver to fill up his 3-car wedge auto transport trailer, it’s time to verify the info and assign the loads to the driver’s app. The booking process is never easy, as we have to find the right loads for the route and negotiate the best carrier rate for the driver – and communicating with the driver is essential to being a good car hauling dispatcher. Making endless phone calls is simply part of the job while checking the map and second guessing decisions can be all too common. However, through it all, getting the loads booked and the trailer filled is a great feeling!

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This video can help Car Haulers and Dispatchers use the Search Vehicles function on Central Dispatch ( ) to Find & Book Loads plus recommended best practices of Route Scouting and a brief look at two other major Car Shipping Load Boards: Ready Auto Transport “1Dispatch” ( ) and the CarsArrive Network ( ). The TMS dashboard and eBOL used in this video provided by Super Dispatch ( )

(Behind-The-Scenes of Auto Transport Industry)

“Car Hauling Dispatcher” features a veteran auto transport dispatcher load searching, booking cars, and dispatching for current working owner-operators while managing and documenting real-life auto transport industry life cycle logistics. #carhaulingdispatcher #centraldispatchloads #carloadboards

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18 thoughts on “Car Hauling Dispatcher – How To Book, Load & Verify Using Load Boards

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  2. ⚡Good communication and making phone calls to verify vehicles is key in car hauling. I hope you'll join the Live Chat on Tuesday Nights and tell us what crazy calls you're glad that you made before your driver got there!⚡

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  4. Good communication with the driver. I'm starting my auto hauling business in 3 weeks. Definitely learning from your videos. Thank you.

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  7. hey man, I have a Mercedes S550 need to be shipped from Chicago to Sunnyvale CA. Looks like it is going to be $1200. Let me know, I need it to be transported this week. Also I need someone reliable so please let me know

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  9. I've got my eye on a f350 dually. Not sure if I want to run class A. Or not. Would love to run cars. Doing my home work now. Any tips. I have 30 years as a driver so I know the life. 4 million miles

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  13. hello friend i hope you are doing great, can you let me know when is the best season for car haulers, i just buy a 4 car trailer, i will like to know the best months where we can get more profits, thank you bro…

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  17. how do you get loads if your mc or dot isn't more then 90 days old??? for brand new in the biz people

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  19. I would like to open a company for work as hauling cars and I learn how can I use central dispatch …is it easy to learn quickly or not

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  21. Add more$$$$ you can get any driver to pick it up for 10 cents a mile if they are desperate lol lol no money in this to many brokers , to many hands in the till need to go back to regulated freight prices and stop the I can do it cheaper deal that you clowns are hooked on with all the regulations hours of service road construction traffic jams and yuppies with the I want it now attitude no wonder no one can make money in car hauling anymore with drivers damaging the cars they haul you get what you pay for cheap rates equals cheap drivers that don't care because they can't make a paycheck lol lol

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  25. I totally agree with you, a lot of people we deal with in trucking still depending on paper like they still in the golden age. I do everything from my phone (fill out forms, sign docs even print direct from phone) make life so much easier

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  27. Good afternoon, I’m trying to get into the industry I was wondering if you can do a step by step video to become successful. Thank you

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