Call Of Duty League 2020 Season | Minnesota Røkkr Home Series | Day 1


The ninth home series of the 2020 Call of Duty League season is live on June 12-14 on YouTube Gaming. The Minnesota Røkkr are virtually hosting the Atlanta FaZe, Chicago Huntsmen, Dallas Empire, Florida Mutineers, Los Angeles Guerrillas, Seattle Surge, and Toronto Ultra in a three-day tournament with 50 CDL Points up for grabs for the winner. With the top 5 teams all attending the same home series for the first time, who is going to come out on top?! Tune in to find out!
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44 thoughts on “Call Of Duty League 2020 Season | Minnesota Røkkr Home Series | Day 1

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  5. Faze, one of the best teams in the world, go against Seattle Surge, one of the (arguably) worst teams in the world, get pushed back to Round 11 on Game 5. Faze wins in a millisecond win. That's embarrassing.

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  8. "Scump is washed up"
    Yeah right, that 4 piece(basically 5) in round 9 shut you lot up, Guarantee the people who think Scump is shit have only been watching competitive cod for 6 months.
    That loss was the teams fault, they all take responsibility

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  24. The problem is modern warfare being a plain color palate with the pros only using two guns. Any cod where they have only two options all year long turns into a snooze fest just a few months in. B02 was thrilling due to multiple weapons being used; m8, an94, Msmc , skorpian, dsr50, b23r, FAL, Etc. Doesn’t matter who commentates, a boring game will be boring to watch. Nonetheless, LFG Dallas!

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  26. The Astro gaming listen in was really cool back in 2010, kinda stupid now. Literally no one wants to hear that.

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  28. Seattle's game was rigged. Totally killed their momentum. 300 million dollar league and yet tech issues are still a problem.

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  31. Who else is tired of the dumb commentators? Half the fuucking time they dont know what's eally going on.. Seattle comeback!

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  34. Smh. Surge has a great first 2 games and cdl puts the next game 45 minutes later ruining there momentum. So rigged

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  36. Huntsman need to play in the smoke 💨 Florida just run 🏃 in the smoke and, finding huntsman trying to figure out where they are at. Nate the smoke

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  40. I can't stop watching Clays positioning on the maps. He has just been phenomenal at making the smart plays and yet I never hear about it. So often a push or a hold, is opened up or repelled by his positioning. Work horse!!!!

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  42. I’m gonna say it if no one else will. The huntsmen are overrated to fuck. I know they’ve won recently but they haven’t looked good since the first tournament. At that point they were arguably the best team but since then they just haven’t looked good, but people are still putting them up at the top and thinking that they’re going to win upcoming tournaments. Them losing to Florida isn’t a surprise – fuck they’ve lost to them how many times? But everyone’s surprised for some reason

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  47. Nameless is awesome…get this guy on more. They guys who commentated huntsmen are so boring…..Also, this game sucks for spectators can we get a COD that is fun to watch like BO2.

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  53. Seattle deserved that dub against faze. Fuck faze. Where was the teammate covering the plant? Fuckkkkkkk

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  57. Prestinni said the Huntsmen are the best team he's ever been on, better than eunited, and they cant even beat Florida one time lmao

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