Building Confidence with Lead Generation Prospects

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Today is the second day of our “10 Days of Awesome” and in this video I am talking all about “BUILDING CREDIBILITY AND CONFIDENCE WITH PROSPECTS”.

Truth be told, this topic can run deep and it can get complicated – but I spend about 20 minutes giving you just a SMALL TASTE of some things you can do to help your prospects believe in you and your authority.

[+] ​Learn Industry Terms and Vocabulary
[+] What no to do with a coffee pot
[+] What not to do with a white towel
[+] How understanding an industry can give you credibility
[+] Interviewing industry businesses to get the info you need
[+] Different niches have different expectations

It’s a long one today –

Disclaimer: Some of you don’t have that confidence in yourselves as of yet to jump right in and slam phone calls… and so in this video, I ALSO give YOU GUYS a few ways of breaking the ice and learning about a potential industry before you start calling to sell ’em something


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23 thoughts on “Building Confidence with Lead Generation Prospects

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  6. …finally someone who really makes a video without selling a bullshit course. Thanks for being genuine bro, our thanks you and blessings will bring the wealth to your doorstep itself .
    Haha… 'no brownie pints for my mug ' ,and your baby is a gonna be a real heartbreaker when she grows .
    Thanks heaps my friend ,I wanna do this business and didn't know the steps to take as I bought into courses and became more confused at the end. Now I'm more clear….. God bless

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  11. Great video! Thank you, your very good at explaining details about everything involved! From, how clients act to how to handle them! You been there and done that👍👍👍💥Your a 💍!

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  15. I really liked the "turn style excuse management" insight. I'm going to figure out how to apply this right away. Thank-you!!!

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  17. Just call up a few businesses in the Niche you want to go after and interview/have a conversation with them! e.g. How do your customers find you?

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  20. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA your face at 0:31! Damn I love your videos John! I had to pause it and walk away for a few minutes to stop laughing and get back into concentration mode.

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  26. So true again, John. This confirms something we tend sometimes, as Salespeople, to forget: closing deals is not necessarily a one off big BANG thing we do at the end of the consult. It's a sum of little things that will crack the wallet of the client open. Positioning, positioning and positioning in the mind of the customer!

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  28. You actually handled this way better than the guy on CNN did when his daughter came in during a live call. Great job with the videos.

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  30. John, this is fabulous! I have to scheduled a call with a roofing company today or tomorrow. These tips will help my call. Thanks for the valuable insight and tips!! Sal

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