BNHA EraserMic gets exposed by Mina ~Read desc please~ (all of it)

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Hi everyone! I am back for a video! I have not posted in a while and I am sorry about that. I have been going through some things irl. Some of those thing are:
-going back to school
-depressive episodes
-getting the coronavirus (my mom and cousin got it too)
-other stuff but im not gonna say it

w88 khuyen mai

My phone keeps glitching and when I try to upload a video onto YouTube, I kicks me off the app. I am working to fix it but it normally takes longer to post a video if I am posting it through my laptop and not my phone. Hopefully I can make more videos tonight and tomorrow since I am off school and upload them throughout the next few weeks. No promises though.

Another important thing to note is that, you all know I am pansexual but I am also a demigirl. I use she/they/xe pronouns and I can answer any questions you have about the label in the comments. Please do not hate on the fact I use a set of neopronouns along with non-neopronouns. I have gotten too many mean comments and DMs on Instagram. I hope they do not come over onto YouTube.

Instagram accounts: @sadpansexualdemigirl @crystal.__queer @guardians_of_the_gays

I am a multi-shipper!
I know there are many opinions about ships but I am just saying I ship a lot them. There are some that I ship more than others but I will not say which ones those are. There are also ships that I don’t ship at all. I will also not reveal which ones those are.


I apologize for how crappy this video is but I was rushed when I made this earlier today.

Please enjoy this sorry excuse for a video and an apology for not posting in a long time!

Anyway, stay safe! Stay healthy! You are loved and valued and valid and amazing. If nobody tells you those things, I will. You are also very beautiful/handsome!

I have a list of ideas for what to make but if you have any ideas then please tell me in the comments. Oh and also the Harry Potter series I was making is discontinued and will be taken down off of YouTube. I have no ideas, no inspiration or motivation for it. Honestly I am not even as big a fan of Harry Potter now.

As I was watching this back I realized how many times I was contradicting myself and fixing spelling errors. SO MANY TIMES!


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