Best of Writer Lee Woo-jung [ENG SUB]


From the nostalgic REPLY series to the most recent slice of life medical drama HOSPITAL PLAYLIST, writer Lee Woo-jung captures the most realistic moments in life with humor and heart, and never fails to bring out the best in the simple but important things—family, friendship, and love—that make her dramas so relatable.

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29 thoughts on “Best of Writer Lee Woo-jung [ENG SUB]

  1. đăng ký w88

  2. You can find the titles of all the shows featured on the top righthand corner, next to the Netflix logo 😊 Happy watching!

    📺Reply 1988:
    📺Reply 1994:
    📺Reply 1997:
    📺Hospital Playlist:

    *Shows featured might not be available in all markets.

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  4. đăng ký w88

  5. Journey to love must include winter-autumn couple tho 😭 but yes, the couples were all adorable 😭

  6. đăng ký w88

  7. I can't remember how many times I cried in Reply 1988. It also made me laugh too hard. The writer made me feel like I was there growing up with the characters. Hospital playlist is my next favorite work of her. I just love how refreshing the medical drama is, no vengeance, politics, or too good to be true doctors. Plus the dedication of the artists in learning their instruments.

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  10. đăng ký w88

  11. Prison Playbook should be on the list 🙂
    Shin Won Ho PDnim is insanely talented. All of his dramas is absolutely brilliant. Series Reply (1994, 1997, 1998), Prison Playbook and Hospital Playlist.

  12. đăng ký w88

  13. Reply 1988 is an all time favorite. It has got emotions expressed so expressed so beautifully. And Hospital Playlist too.

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  15. đăng ký w88

  16. đăng ký w88

  17. đăng ký w88

  18. What I like about Woojung writer-nim is how she cherish friendships and parent-child relationships. I LOVE ALL HER DRAMAS.

  19. đăng ký w88

  20. I want to thank this writer creating these amazing dramas specially reply 1988. Reply 1988 is the best kdrama i've ever watched and i watched it hundred times already (no joke). 50 years from now i still see myself watching it cause it's just that beautiful. reply 1988 brings warmth to my heart and it also comforts me.

  21. đăng ký w88

  22. What I loved about her works
    Reply 1997-highschool life, portrayal of friendship, pacing of the story, execution of the plot
    Reply 1994- Struggles of college life, the development of romance(ugh my nareki heart), The development of characters
    Reply 1988- Heartwarming stories between families, the bond and friendship of the leads are exemplary, the wonders of highschool life
    Hospital Playlist- Struggles of adult life, the bond of the characters, plot execution

    I don't want to compare them all bcs they are all very unique in their own way. All of these dramas gave us a good laugh and it also made us cry a river. The emotional rollercoaster these dramas give us is topnotcher. Pls don't let the shipping wars affect your views in these dramas, especially in 88 and 94. Pls don't drop the drama just bcs you dont like who the main ends up with(I mean if u observe the drama properly you would really find the reason why the fml ended up with the ml, their stories are continuously being developed). The drama offers a lot more than just romance so pls give it a chance.

  23. đăng ký w88

  24. Hospital Playlist was simply outstanding
    The friendship and chemistry the 4 leads had between them? It was so heartfelt,so beautiful and entertaining to watch !

  25. đăng ký w88

  26. i saw her in new journey to the west since she's the writer.. i thought she was familiar when i watched the script reading of hospital playlist

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  28. đăng ký w88

  29. đăng ký w88

  30. đăng ký w88

  31. đăng ký w88

  32. đăng ký w88

  33. đăng ký w88

  34. đăng ký w88

  35. đăng ký w88

  36. 2:09 reminds us a particular scene in Reply 1988 where they'd thought Choi Tek was part of the plane crash…

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  38. đăng ký w88

  39. đăng ký w88

  40. So all of my favorite kdramas are written by the same person? Ohmygodddd😭😭❤️❤️💓

  41. đăng ký w88

  42. đăng ký w88

    yong tipong napapaiyak ako sa bawat episode(reply 1988) ang ganda panoorin ulet huhuhu

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