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In this video Ben shows you the repair of an iPhone 8 Plus with error 14.

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Gerät lieber reparieren lassen? Dann einfach kostenfrei zu uns einsenden:

Wir arbeiten generell ohne Pauschalpreise im Bereich Logicboard-Reparatur. Wir unterbreiten Euch für jede Reparatur einen individuellen, völlig kostenfreien Kostenvoranschlag. Nach Geräteeingang geht Euch dieser innerhalb 1 Werktag nach Eingang des Gerätes bei uns zu. Entscheidet Ihr Euch für die Reparatur reparieren wir kostenpflichtig, entscheidet Ihr Euch dagegen, senden wir Euch Euer Gerät gegen eine Versandkostenpauschale von 19,90 Euro zurück. Ihr habt also keinerlei Kostenrisiko.

Bei Fragen stehen wir Euch jederzeit gerne zur Verfügung. Schreib einfach eine E-Mail an


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  3. Yes ok, but data is inside or is all delete? I have problem with X, memory was full, after bootloap, u3 is 39% error, itunes error 14… When make restore 100% work phone, but i need data…solution?

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  7. Hello from japan
    i saw your video about error 14 on youtube. are you able to recover the data of an iphone with error 9 and error 14? if so how much will cost? i have many customers with same problem! we need to recover mostly video and photos.
    please let me know soon as possible

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  9. đăng ký w88

  10. hello

    i have a problem in my iphone 8 (64 gb) :

    i restart my iphone after that i saw that the storage is full , then the phone block on the apple logo

    and whene i try to update the ios 13.3 from itunes (last version) and with my original cable and last version of itunes ,

    BUT the updating stoped on (ERROR 14)

    and i want to repair my ios without Losing my data and without restor for dont lose anything

    Can you help me ? if you have a solution for recovery my phone system ios without delete my Data phone for that i can recovery

    ALL my data phone (as data of: whatsapp , contact , note , photo , videos …)

    thank you

  11. đăng ký w88

  12. Olá amigo sou do Brasil como faço pra aprende a fazer reparo de placas de iphone com você ?? Gostei muito seu trabalho e muito bom mesmo !!!

  13. đăng ký w88

  14. My phone is stuck in infinite recovery mode and not have space for new update. iTunes give error 14 ( not enough space). What I can do?

  15. đăng ký w88

  16. Can somoeone help? i have iphone 8 and its working fine until its begin to restart itself and work like normal after that restarts and after day of working like this with random restarting it put itself into DFU and stay in DFU until battery is very low. Any ideas what can cause that? Thanks !

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  18. đăng ký w88

  19. Hi there. My iPhone 8 went on bootloop. After I tried to update software iOS 13.3 with iTunes, it continuously showed error (14) after some 30% of update progress. I have 8 months of not backed up data. Bottom line I need a fix without loosing data.

    I understand from your last comment that when error 14 appears on update, then it's corrupted data on NAND. Does this mean that data is not recoverable? Some blogs say that it might also be an electrical issue. But in my case it was syncing for backup on iTunes and at the same time I started deleting stuff on the phone to free up space (I deleted GarageBand app and some files on Podcast app). And suddenly Podcast crashed, and the backup failed to complete (step 2 out of 6). I decided to force turn-off. And that was it. Bootloop with Apple logo!!

    A local technician said that 90% of cases it's RAM failure that needs a replacement. Is that true? or you're sure that it's related corrupted data on NAND?

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