Air Mobility (Vietnam War)

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Chris Kane

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Ride of the Valkyries (by Wagner)


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38 thoughts on “Air Mobility (Vietnam War)

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  3. You just don't see that many airmobile units anymore. Even the 1st cavalry were converted to an armored battalion. Airmobility is exactly what we need to fight insurgents. The ability to fight anywhere at anytime.

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  5. USA: Helicopters are the best option in the Vietnam war.
    Rising Storm 2: Am I a joke to you?

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  10. Big Duke 6 to Eagle Thrust. Put on psy-war-op. Make it loud. This is a Romeo Foxtrot. Shall we dance?

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  17. Who can hear ride of the Valkyries in the background music.
    Leave already like if you hear

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  19. đăng ký w88

  20. It would be cool if you would cover more about the North and South Vietnamese perspectives as everyone knows about the American side of the war.

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  22. đăng ký w88

  23. They don't prepare you for the excessive use of "Fortunate Son." That aside, did anybody else spot Lt. Colonel Kilgore on the far left at 2:42?

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  30. Simple History is the MOST informative and entertaining of all in this video genre. Keep up the good work, Dan (it's Dan right?). Love your videos.

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  32. đăng ký w88

  33. Do US soldiers still used speakers on their helicopters now in the war against terror like they did in the Vietnam War?

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  35. đăng ký w88

  36. If you were in a helicopter in nam, what song would you listen to: rise of the valkyrie, or fortunate son

  37. đăng ký w88

  38. The background music for this video was Ride of the Valkyries which is fitting and disappointing, why not fortunate son?

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  44. Trees cannot speak if there are no trees. – Sergeant of the United States calling for Napalm airstrike

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