4 Things You Need to Focus on EVERY Week as a Business Owner

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If you do these 4 things every week, you will be able to stay focused and grow your business a lot quicker. Staying focused as an entrepreneur is key to longevity in any business.

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6 thoughts on “4 Things You Need to Focus on EVERY Week as a Business Owner

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  3. Now I have to go find the KPI video. Your energy is outstanding and lots of value that just shows up when you need it! I'm always learning. Thank you for another video and SWOT!

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  5. How to stay viable in my business – 4 strategies are KPI's, SWOT, leadership & training. Thank you for sharing and training us to be better leaders.

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  8. Hey man I love your content!!! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you grow your channel!! Been sharing your content with all my friends. My channel has 151K subs in the make money online niche. Anything I can do to add value just let me know!! You are frekin amazing!!

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  10. Thank you Keala ! For ur very much valuable insight, knowledge & caring, to help all the rest of to become successful in some most important aspects of our businesses !

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