19 thoughts on “#2 Running Wire for the shipping container shop.

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  5. I think this was a great demo, thanks fir starting up n on your series. You do great . Work. Keep them coming, I on your Patreon, and love your work.

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  8. Really should do some vids showing some of the wild women you bring home to the shanty. Speaking of pulling wire.

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  10. As long as it's great music ..lol with you singing along ..
    Some people dont listen so say it three times .. make your videos longer .. 💗💗💗

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  12. Dan, from what i can see in the video you are covered under the nec. As long as you use gfci receptacles or a gfci breaker for the receptacle circuit, have connectors on the cable end entering the fixtures and devices and use a grounding conductor in the romex. You have shown in the video to have all the other bases covered. Also, you dont need boxes for the romex splices on a "construction site" for temp installs as long as you use wire nuts, which you did. So good job on the wiring. 10/10 video as always.

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  14. Wow, Dan actually taught me something! That kinking the wire to run to the box, instead of cutting the wire and running it twice. Great tip. Thanks.

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  18. well I've been an electrician for 45 years and I just can't believe the crap I see on the internet and I'm just kidding ya and I love your videos keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  21. it's going to be sweet having power and all those plugs! it's going to make it very easy for you to build me some sweet doors! or interior storm windows…. great! haha!

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  24. One of the wires is life and the other is the return. Always connect the wires in the same way so somebody else can see which side the life wire is when doing maintenance. And use the right color for the life and return wire. Also, should you not be using a third wire, the earth, for just in case you decide to do something stupid? Looking forward to the next video.

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